Three Questions

One of the greatest strengths of a Summit Fellowship is its ability to be a community. The potential for genuine transparency and relationship draws us toward each other as we are drawn toward Jesus. It’s an environment where we can respond to Jesus’ command to love one another.

But, have you ever heard the saying, “Your greatest strength can become your greatest weakness”? You probably have. You have probably also recognized that it’s very often true.  It is certainly true of small fellowships like the Summits. Small, cohesive communities can become so satisfied with their relationships that they become self-absorbed and don’t see much of the world beyond their own dinner table.

Recognizing the danger, here are three questions that you may want to discuss together.

  1. What good are we to the neighborhood in which we meet?
  2. How do we influence the world for the kingdom?
  3. When do we expect to send out someone to establish a new Summit Fellowship?

These questions don’t assume that y’all are failing in these areas. When talking about the questions, you may well be able answer positively. You may be able to identify the good you have done for the neighborhood. You may be able to list a few things your fellowship is doing to influence the broader community. You may even have plans to send a handful of your members elsewhere to gather.

On the other hand you may be find yourself speechless. So, here’s a suggestion: Talk about it. Don’t let your greatest strength become a weakness.

Shalom, y’all!

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