Vintage and Second Hand Sale

Our friends from the Church of the Servant King in Gardena, CA are partnering with our friends at Community of Adsideo for a blow out sidewalk sale. Here are the details:

SONY DSCVintage ‘Clothes-Out’ Sale


July 4th & 5th8am-4pm,  6th12pm-5pm

 8050 SE 13th Ave  near Tacoma St. (Community of Adsideo)

All items Name brand, Secondhand, and Grand!

“Great deals on everything!”

BOOTS & SHOES – western, hiking, military, work, dress,   casual, athletic, sandals, running, golf, collectible, etc.

JACKETS & COATS – leather, wool, varsity, military, dress, sports, collectible, etc.

ODDS n’ ENDS – motorcycle clothes, Hawaiian shirts,    western hats & fedoras, camping stuff, (new)Freestyle Watches, briefcases, handbags, collectibles, sports items,

Wear, Gift, or Resell

Major credit cards accepted.                      

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