Who? Where? and Lastly…

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Let’s be honest. As necessary as it is, we hate the idea of multiplying. Starting a new Summit at some other house, maybe on a different day and at a new time, means creating distance between friends (extended spiritual family) and not seeing one another as regularly as we once did. Still, creating new communities is an essential part of being the church. We take very seriously the words of  Jesus when He said He was in the midst of even the smallest gathering of His followers (Matthew 18:19-20). If that’s true, then we conclude it  is better for Jesus to be in 100 places among 10 than in one place among 1000.

But that means sending somebody out. Praying for them; equipping them; encouraging them, and then releasing them.

This process of multiplication, usually has three steps.

  1. Who is to go out from us? We talk about people going out. Pray about it. At some time during that ongoing conversation, somebody usually get’s the nudge.
  2. Where does Jesus want to go? This is usually wherever the ones who are feeling the Spirit’s prompting live. Sometimes it is to a neighborhood where the Spirit would prompt them to move.
  3. Finally, when?  Here is where the call to prayer becomes more immediate. We know who. We know where, but when can be the hard part. Are the ‘expediti‘ ready to go? Are there others who will go with them to build a new community?

Here at Gathering 242, we’re having a church growth problem — potentially too many people. On one hand we’re excited that we might be sending  some folks out. On the other hand, that makes us sad.   We’ll keep you posted about what happens.


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