Helping Those Who Host

Danielle MugMost of us would agree that gathering together in homes provides us with certain freedoms not so easily exercised in building-style gathering places. These freedoms allow us to discover who we are in a church setting, learn and exercise our gifting, and be free to be ourselves in worship and fellowship. This is why we do this. Yet, we sometimes grow too comfortable, and even forget what is needed behind the scenes for this style of gathering to function and be sustainable.

Count the Costs

As someone who has been given the responsibility and the privilege to host a meeting for more than 15 years, I have an insiders view on the practical goings on. Things get broken, worn out, used up, replenished, replaced, and repaired. And that costs money! So, my word of encouragement to you is to thank your housechurch host! Create an offering box that is a stationary receptacle for a few dollars every week to acknowledge the service your hosts provides for you.

I want to say that I consider hosting our fellowship as our form of giving. I am not asking this for myself, because for the years that we have been unable to give money like we would like to, we have seen our home as our offering to the Lord and to our “neighbors.” Instead, I am asking that each member of our housechurches take a moment to consider how you can show your appreciation for the work that goes into providing a place to gather. Thanks for your consideration and

May the Lord bless you!

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