Keep it Simple: Obey Jesus

From Start Churches Now! by Galen Currah and Patrick O’Connor. This little book lays out a simple strategy for being the church in small, simple and committed ways. Rather than complex theology and performance-based rules, the authors suggest starting simple and staying simple: Do what Jesus told His disciples to do. They boiled those instructions down to eight things. 

  • Honor God together (“Love the Lord God with all your heart”). 

  • Show love to each other, to neighbors, to the poor and to enemies. 

  • Baptize all who repent and want to follow Jesus. 

  • Break bread together often, that is, celebrate communion, the Lord’s Table. 

  • Give generously to help the poor and those who work hard for Jesus. 

  • Pray together often, using Jesus’ name, for all kinds of needs. 

  • Serve others together with the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to you and to all other church members.

  • Abide in His word. 

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